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We have moved! March 1, 2014

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IMG_2444We have officially moved into our new location at 3980 Broadway and we are now back up and running and open for business!

We have expanded our hours as well; we are open Monday through Saturday 7am-10pm and Sundays 7am-7pm.

We are so excited to be joining such a sweet community and we love our new space!

We might need a little extra patience as we get our bearings, so let’s call this a soft opening, but you’ll find the same nourishing and delicious food you found at the original space and I see expanded offerings in our future! We will announce a grand opening date soon!

Thank you so much for all of your support! Love, Julia


Moving date set! February 16, 2014

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Good morning and happy Sunday! It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day, so get ready to enjoy it!

In case you haven’t heard, we will be moving to a new location VERY SOON! Here’s the plan…We will be at our current location, 4457 North Broadway, until Tuesday February 25th. We are planning on closing for one day only on February 26th, then hope to reopen on February 27th! Of course, this all does depend on the health department, the move going smoothly, etc, so please check back in case there are updates:) We are moving to 3980 North Broadway, which is in the Hillside Shops by Lucky’s on the Southeast corner of Broadway and Quince. We will be in the spot closest to Quince where O!Pizza/NOBO Pizza used to be.

During the transition time, our Sunday hours will change to noon to 5pm; the rest of our hours will stay the same (M-F 7:30-7:30, Sat 9-8) and we will be expanding our hours when we move!

As do most things in life, this gift came suddenly and without much warning! We have a quick timeline and are going to do our best to meet it. Do you want to help? Let us know! I think lots of little opportunities will come up, and here’s what we need right now:

  • Help creating a Video/campaign on Indiegogo (new equipment is needed, plus even a simple move is expensive!)
  • Do you know a good and inexpensive moving company? We will do a lot of it ourselves, but need help with the large equipment

Our current space provided an opportunity for which I am so grateful. I’ve dreamed of opening a restaurant for a long time and didn’t think it was in the cards anytime soon given my resources and experience (or lack thereof). Thank you to Shadi Ramey for setting it all into motion! And thank you all for being such lovely and supportive friends and customers.

We will keep you updated on our progress; like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram for more regular news! We will have a Grand Opening in mid-March…

Have a wonderful Sunday! Love, Julia


Win a Free Personalized Food Empowerment Session! January 5, 2014


Happy New Year!

I hope you are feeling fresh, invigorated, and inspired to make this your best year yet. I am really excited and inspired for this next year in the life of Julia’s Kitchen and the manifestation of our intention to help people reconnect with food and reap the benefits of all the beauty, vibrancy, and richness it brings to our lives.

If you are on board with this intention, we want to give you, and ourselves, a little jump start, so we have a special offer…a chance to win a free individualized Food Empowerment Session with Julia. I don’t want to sound too woo-woo, but that’s the best phrase I can think of to describe what I’d like to offer. What exactly “food empowerment” means depends on what you as an individual need. It could mean learning the basics of veg-centric food preparation, it could mean a pantry makeover, it could mean gaining a greater understanding of the diverse array of whole foods available to us, and how to keep them nutritious and make them delicious, it could mean learning to shift from old habits in the kitchen to new ones, or revamping old favorite recipes to be more health supportive and nourishing. The goal is to teach you whatever you need to learn about food to make your best choices. I’ll meet you wherever you are with food right now and we will figure out together how you can be more empowered around food.

The rules of this contest are simple: For the next two weeks (Sunday January 5th through Sunday January 19th), for every $15 spent at Julia’s Kitchen, you will receive one entry into our drawing. Just one person per entry please, but you can enter yourself or someone else.

Maybe you don’t know me that well, so here is my philosophy around food: I think we could make amazing, significant, substantial gains in our food system, our environment, and the overall health (all kinds) of our society by simply getting ourselves back in the kitchen and eating more plants. Not necessarily all plants; everyone’s body needs a little something different. The percentage that comes to mind is 75%, and of course I’m talking about plants in their whole, minimally processed form. If you think about it, this applies to everyone regardless of what makes up that other 25% of food on the plate. Instead of seeing food through a divisive lens, isn’t it nice to just focus on what we all have in common?

We are looking forward to many opportunities to nourish you in the year to come, so please spread the word to anyone who might want to know, and stay tuned!


Julia’s Kitchen – reaching out! December 19, 2013

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IMG_2105Hello Boulder community!

I hope this email finds you all in a peaceful and happy space.

We are coming up on our 2-year anniversary at Julia’s Kitchen! I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished ~ we have nourished many bodies and fed many souls. We have learned a ton about all kinds of things. We have met new people and nurtured new (and old) friendships. We have stayed true to ourselves and our beliefs. We have operated with integrity. It has been quite amazing. We want to keep going and growing.

We are truly doing things differently than other restaurants and other businesses. This is deeply rewarding, but it’s a challenge to go off the beaten path, especially when going it alone. So, I am reaching out to this community because I need some support and I want to create a community that wants to be involved. I know it’s taboo for a business to voice this sort of thing because we are supposed to look shiny and perfect, but one of the things that defines Julia’s Kitchen is transparency and I think that’s more important. You know what’s in the food, you know how it’s made, you can watch us make it, and I think you know you can trust us.

So what can you do?

*You can come into the cafe. Saving money right now? That’s ok. Camp out with your laptop. We will be honored with your presence. The more energy there is in the space, the more energy is drawn into the space.

*You can like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Comment, like, and share our posts. This can really help get the word out. Face-to-face conversation is of course awesome too. Please spread the word in any way you can.

*Bring a new customer in. We will give each of you a $10 credit for a future visit to the cafe; to say thank you to you and to welcome your friend.

*I have started to look into grants, small business loans, opportunities for investment, and different options for structuring this business so it’s sustainable long into the future; also so it’s sustainable for me personally in the here and now. If you know about these things, or if you know of organizations or private individuals who would want to support a business that is creating a net positive for the world, please share.

*You can let me know if you are interested in helping out with space beautification (outside in particular), accounting (for trade or for a fee), posting fliers, and we can be in touch as our plans unfold.

*You can just let me know that you support this cause. I am not a needy person, but I do need a little lift right now.

Thanks for reading and for all of your support, patience, and kindness over the past two years.

Wishing you deep contentment and much light on these beautiful dark nights, Julia


New Hours, a Cooking Class this Sunday, and other news from Julia’s Kitchen December 3, 2013

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Good morning! IMG_1024

We are expanding our weekend hours starting this weekend! We will also have live music this Saturday and are looking for more people who want to share their talents (such as musicians, poets, story-tellers…) to help us build community in our little space. Please help us spread the word and share your ideas so we can continue to build a more vibrant and robust business as we head into our third year! Our new hours are:

  • Saturday 9am-8pm (this week with live music and a Saturday special!)
  • Sunday 10am-6pm
  • Monday-Friday 7:30am-7:30pm

In response to many requests for cooking classes, we are going to try to make them a regular part of our routine. As many of us face a conflict at this time of year between a natural desire to settle down and cozy up inside our homes and the bustling energy of the holidays, cooking is a wonderful way to stay connected and take care of ourselves. There is nothing like a delicious bowl of soup to soothe every part of your being, so this Sunday, I’m planning to teach a cooking class focused on soups and stews. Given what I hear about the upcoming weather, it will be just on time!

I’m all about simplicity and finding ways for everyone to fit cooking into any kind of schedule, so we’ll talk about crock pots, pressure cookers, no-fuss homemade stock, and we will continue our discussion on balancing flavors to make your food taste just how you like it! We will of course need sufficient enrollment to go forward with the class, so please sign up as soon as you are able by stopping into or calling the cafe.

What? Soups and Stews Cooking Class

When? 4pm Sunday December 8th

Where? Julia’s Kitchen 4457 Broadway

How much? $30

Have a beautiful day and I hope to see you on Sunday!




Cooking Class Sunday morning, November 10th at Julia’s Kitchen November 3, 2013

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photo(4)Fall is a great time to get into the kitchen, so we’ll be offering a cooking class at Julia’s Kitchen next Sunday!

Where: At Julia’s Kitchen 4457 Broadway

When: Sunday November 10th, 9:30am-11am

What: Basic Ingredients and Techniques of healthy cooking

  • Healthy ingredients – what, why, how
  • Soaking and sprouting
  • Balancing tastes and seasonings

How Much? $35, paid by Thursday 11/7; $40 after 11/7

This class will be taught in the dining room rather than the kitchen. We will be mostly discussing (but also experiencing through the senses) the ingredients that are the foundation of a balanced plant-based diet, as well as the techniques that are used to transform them into simple, delicious food. We will also be playing with the balance of the different tastes through the lens of the Ayurvedic Six Tastes, my understanding of which has been one of the greatest inspirations in the development of my personal cooking style and will help you immensely in finding your own.

While the ingredients we will be working with are all vegan and gluten free, this class will benefit anyone who is interested in eating a plant-based diet that contains a diverse array of healthy foods. Food is highly subjective, so my intention is not to teach you to cook like me, but to empower you to make food exactly as you and your body like it. Please feel free to bring your questions and if you have specific things you’d like to incorporate into this class or a future class, please email me ahead of time at juliahellerman@gmail.com with your suggestions.

If you would like to attend: Please call or visit Julia’s Kitchen to reserve your spot. Advanced reservation will be very helpful for my planning process, so if that is possible for you, please take advantage of the lower rate available for payment on or before Thursday November 7th.

I hope to follow this class up with some more specific classes in early to mid-December, so please stay tun


Class this Sunday August 2, 2013

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photo(3)Hello y’all!

I am going to hold a very casual discussion this Sunday afternoon/evening at the cafe. I’m getting the sense that most of the people asking for a class already know how to cook, but just need to know more about this kind of cooking. So, it will be a guided open forum where we’ll discuss the ingredients we use, how, why, etc, and you can bring all of your questions! We will just see where it takes us.

The cost of the class will be $25. Bring a bowl and utensils, and I’ll supply a simple, light snack/dinner that we can enjoy together during our discussion. We will start at 5:30 and plan to go until around 7pm or so.

I know some people who have expressed interest can’t make it this Sunday, so we will do another one soon. We’ll see how this goes, but I love the idea of doing a semi-regular thing like this where we can discuss relevant and interesting food topics.

Does this sound good? I know it’s last minute, but sometimes that is what works best! Please RSVP to me at juliahellerman@gmail.com and I’ll make sure we still have enough people to make it a good discussion and get a handout together.

See you soon! Julia



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